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Kumar Vishwas offers anticipatory apologies for any more old jokes that might pop up

23, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After apologizing for his remarks against Malayali nurses, Kumar Vishwas has now gone a step ahead and offered anticipatory apologies for all insensitive jokes that he might have cracked in the past and that may pop up in the future on YouTube.

The professor-cum-poet-cum-stand-up-comedian-cum-social-activist-cum-politician felt the way things were going, he could soon find a video of him mocking any of his own current party members being pulled out from past. To avoid the embarrassment in advance, he decided to offer apology in advance.

Kumar Vishvas
Kumar Vishwas laughing at a politically incorrect joke cracked by himself

Though it is not yet clear what made Vishwas take this decision to tender unconditional apologies, sources confirm that he was partying with Abhijeet Mukherjee yesterday.

Sources further confirm that Kumar Vishwas was taking training from legendary apologist Armaan Kohli who impressed one and all with his impeccable timing and skills when it came to being apologetic again and again in the latest season of Bigg Boss.

Ho gayi bhool kar do maaf, hum nahin hai koi gustaakh, joke banaya tha bas aise hi, ab sab ho gaya jal ke raakh,” Kumar Vishwas told Faking News.

But his adversaries feel even if he had not offered anticipatory apology, he had no risk of being targeted again.

“I think he has gone overboard. We really wanted to unearth more videos of Vishwas where he may have said something objectionable, but dropped the idea after absolutely nobody volunteered to sit through video recording of his speeches,” said a man from Congress office in Amethi, who lauded the brave volunteers who risked their sanity to find that controversial video on YouTube.

Meanwhile fellow AAP leaders lambasted Kumar for taking such decisions in haste.

“What was the need to apologies when our internal court presided by Arvind ji has not declared him guilty? Whom does he fear? If he is honest, he can never be wrong!” said law minister Somnath Bharti.

However some other AAP leaders are happy and have termed Vishwas as a visionary.

“This clears the stage for holding anticipatory dharnas till Lok Sabha elections for all the future problems our party may or may not have with central government,” a visibly happy AAP leader said.