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Highly experienced techie without oversized belly has a tough time convincing interviewer about his credentials

13, Jun 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Prakash P, a highly experienced techie felt the comments given by the person who was taking his interview were ‘derogatory’ to say the least.

“When I said I have twelve years’ experience in the industry, the interviewer’s first comment was, Lagte to nahin ho”, post the interview upset looking Prakash told Sumit, one of his friend who works there and referred him.

“How can he say that. This guy like it has become a customary for job interviews, would not have opened the softcopy of my CV. He would have taken the CV print out from HR and rushed towards the room where I was waiting. And he started with the standard question, ‘tell me little bit about yourself’ while looking in to his mobile phone”, said Prakash.

Prakash shared some details what transpired inside the room. “Then he asked the same three questions you told me he normally asks. He was checking his mobile repeatedly maybe he was cross checking the answers through Google. I was prepared for them, so answered them correctly. I might take this offer, but I would not like to work with someone like him who has no respect. Call HR, I want to give a complaint”.

Sumit realized this is serious. “Arre 3 o’clock ho gaya hai, iss liye HR person has left. Tu agar complain kar deta toh mera job yahan chala gaya hota. Boss, woh mera manager hai”, Sumit cajoled Prakash to go for a smoke with him and called his manager who according to him is a cool guy.

Nahin Yaar, I commented like that looking at your tummy size. It would have misled anyone”, clarified Sumit’s manager to cool down Prakash’s fire.