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Lalu Yadav to CBI court: 'Have 2 sons of marriageable age, need parole to get them married'

24, Jan 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Lalu Yadav who was convicted in the fodder scam made a last ditch attempt in the CBI court today for leniency. The RJD supremo pleaded that he has a large family and their marriage is a huge liability on him and so he needs parole of 3.5 years.

Do jawan ladka hai. Unka shaadi ka tension hai hamare sar pe. Akele Rabri se nahi hoga sab shaadi-byah ka jhamela,” a sombre looking Lalu Yadav is believed to have said in the court.

But sources say that the judge took a hard stance and reprimanded Lalu for coming up with frivolous excuses in an attempt to get favorable verdict.

“There are many matrimonial sites. You can easily find a good bride on any of them,” the judge replied back.

Speaking to Faking News one of the senior lawyer present in the court said, “The CBI judge even offered to create a Tinder profile for both Tejaswi and Tejpratap. Probably by the time Lalu Yadav is out of jail after 5 years, he would be a grandfather.”

Though the judge made it clear that parole won’t be granted, rumor that the judge had relented spread quickly among RJD supporters. Many of whom called themselves ‘sons of Lalu’ claiming that they were looking to get married too and wanted 10 year parole for their leader.