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After last ball umpiring blunder in RCB-MI match yesterday, Virat Kohli to appoints himself the umpire for rest of RCB matches

29, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

A missed no-ball opportunity, which could have possibly contributed to Mumbai Indian’s victory yesterday, is quickly snowballing into a controversy. The RCB captain came down heavily on umpire S Ravi for failing to notice a no-ball by Lasith Malinga.


Virat Kohli, who was seething with anger stated that henceforth none of his matches would have umpires and that he’d be the one making all the decisions. While speaking to the media he said, “I have had enough of bad umpiring. They are useless anyway, when I am playing. So henceforth for all RCB matches there is no need for on -field umpire or DRS/ third umpire, my decision will be final.”

Teammates reveal that Kohli was so livid with the umpiring that later that night when he got a call from Ravi, for around half an hour the RCB captain let loose the choicest of abuses related to mother, sister and the entire lineage. Kohli calmed down only after the person on the other side of the call revealed that he was Ravi Shastri and not the Umprire S Ravi.

There were also unconfirmed reports that additional security is being provided to umpire S Ravi for some time. “Bouncers were seen outside the hotel room of IPL umpires and every visitor was physically checked,” revealed a housekeeper working at the hotel.

Though the IPL Managing Committee has not commented on Kohli appointing himself as the umpire and sought more time on arriving at a decision. The Committee will be meeting Kohli before the next IPL match to try and find a middle ground.