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Lathi-charge on girls in BHU was to check their ability to defend themselves from roadside romeos: Government

25, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

A woman student is beaten up with sticks by policemen during a protest on Saturday at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) of Varanasi, in a widely-shared video that has provoked waves of outrage. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has assured people that the action taken by the police was not to prune their protests, but it was to chech if they are ready to face eve-teasers and roadside romeos on streets of UP.


Students say the campus is not safe for students. The administration, they allege, went for victim-shaming instead of arranging proper security in the campus. But after Yogi ji’s assurance they are feeling safe now. In fact the government has made plans to organize such lathi-charge at regular intervals to make the girls stronger. According to the government officials, if the girls can fight the lathi-charge of the police they can very well defend themselves against the eve teasers and roadside romeos in the state. The police officials also commented that some of the self defense skills used by the girls during the lathi-charge was pretty impressive and more and more girls should use those skills.

Faking News reporter caught up with an UP government official and he had this to say, ” Look, we are doing everything possible to make our girls feel safe. And these lathi-charges and beatings are a part of that drive. Initially there will be injuries, there will be outrage, but once you see the final outcome in the coming months, you will praise the government for this innovative step. We have planned such drives in other university campuses also. In fact we are hiring some boys to act as eve teasers inside the campuses for the girls to get confidence of beating them up.”