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Law abiding youth decides not to touch alcohol till he turns 25

01, Jun 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After Maharashtra raised the age-limit for consumption of alcohol from 21 years to 25 years, 20-year-old Rohit has decided to strictly follow the new regulation and not touch alcohol for little over four years from now. Rohit, a law abiding cultured boy from Mumbai, will however have his first beer next Monday when he turns 21, the minimum age to purchase and drink beer in Maharashtra.

“Kingfisher or Fosters it will be,” Rohit gave details of his birthday plans, “But no, no wine, rum, or whiskey at all! If the government wants me not to touch them, I’m gonna stick to beer for the next four years. hic!”

Rohit, who claims to be a strictly law abiding citizen, further informed this correspondent that he had never watched a pornographic video clip or image till he turned 18 years old.

“Once a bad friend of mine had sent me a link in an email saying it was a website with study material on IIT-JEE, but after I clicked it, I found images of half-naked people and a button saying ‘Let me in, I’m over 18 years’” Rohit recalled, “I immediately clicked the button saying ‘Exit’ as I was just 16 years old then.”

Underage Drinking
Rohit immediately untagged himself from this “illegal” picture on Facebook keeping with his disciplined way of life

“I can’t do anything illegal,” he added.

Similarly, Rohit had never lighted any cigarette or chewed other tobacco products till he watched his first pornographic movie and was eligible to vote in the elections. In fact, even now when he buys a cigarette, he pauses a little and feels bad about the injurious effect it will have on his health.

“I am looking forward to gory pictures like rotten mouths and hanging gums on cigarette boxes and maybe then I’d be able to quit smoking by the time I taste my first wine,” Rohit hoped.

Rohit claims that most of the Mumbai youth were law abiding like him, and expressed confidence that the latest rule by the government will prove to be very effective and no one will drink a drop of alcohol till they blew off 25 candles together on their birthday cake.

Meanwhile, sources inform that Maharashtra police have started adding all Mumbai youth aged between 21-25 years as ‘friends’ on Facebook though a fake profile of beautiful girl to track the drinking activity of the youth.

“Next time you upload a picture partying with your friends with empty wine bottles in the background, be sure that this girl would ‘like’ it and so would be the policeman in your nearest police-station,” our source “Deep Poke” informed and warned.