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In-laws in shock after groom asks for no dowry and only fees for the first 12 years of school for the grandchildren

27, Jul 2017 By RT

Mumbai. To be In-laws of a stock broker, found the request from him very unusual towards the marriage proposal. The boy did not ask for any dowry. He only demanded that the school fees for the first 12 years of school for all the grandchildren be paid by the In-laws.


“I am a stock broker. I know how much an investment of rs.10 lacs today will fetch in next 20 years. Upon careful calculations, this school fee thing for 2 kids will be at least 5 times more, in the first 10 years itself. Also, I know I am not worth for more than 10 lacs as a bridegroom in any Indian market. My name may fetch an additional 2 lacs in metro areas” B. Roker, the to-be bridegroom told Faking News.

“We thought he would demand rs.15 lacs as dowry, with an anglo-saxon name and all. When he said he does not want any dowry, we were happy that he is practising anglo-saxon behaviour as well. Our happiness was very short lived. B. Roker asked for the school fee be paid by us for the first 12 years of school. That is a huge sum of few crores. We are planning to turn down the marriage proposal from this broker fellow” a visibly upset unlikely in-laws of B. Roker told Faking News.

Intrigued by the news-bit, our reporter decided to do a study comparing the investment of rs.10 lacs in stock market for 20 years against likely school fees for children in India, in the next 20 years and the results were baffling. The school fees has beaten any possible profit growth from the stock market investment.

Prior to leaving from there, Faking News reporter was seen asking for investment ideas from B. Roker including how to successfully negotiate marriage propositions.