Monday, 6th April, 2020


Less number of students show interest in Civil Services Exam, aspirants say NRC, CAA, NPR are just too many acronyms to remember

03, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Civil Services exam this year saw a muted interest from aspirants with many choosing to look at other career options. Reports say that students find NRC, NPR, CAA and such other acronyms just too hard to mug up.

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Sources say that the interest level has dropped by 50% compare to previous year and the trend may continue if the Govt doesn’t step in immediately.

“Given current situation in the country, the syllabus is expected to change and there is nothing we can do about it. I somehow managed to mug up CAB and in a few days it changed to CAA. Then came NPR and NRC, I mean how much can one person remember. Itna confusion ho gaya ki kal kisine mujhe poocha ki kaha rehte ho, toh maine galti se NCR ke badle NRC keh diya,” said one aspirant who flunked the Civil Service exams for 5 consecutive years before giving up and joining politics.

Students are now looking at other career options such as MBA. Some social media addicts have even junked Civil service for becoming TikTok influencers. However there were some who still had faith in Civil Service and its ability to get money from under the table and were willing to put in extra effort to deal with the ever expanding syllabus.

The drop in number of aspirants gave opposition parties another chance to target the Govt.

Rahul Gandhi once again hit out at the Govt for ruining career choices of the youth. “First of all they are  not doing anything about unemployment in the country. Then Modiji has unleashed these acronyms on poor unsuspecting students. Toh bhaiyya aisa hai ki ye vidyarthiyon ke liye Demonetization se bada jhatka hai,” he said while speaking to reporters.