Let me know if you have a Chalo Bangkok plan as well: Rahul responds to Sanjay Raut

23, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Responding to Sanjay Raut’s request to alliance partners to join them for a visit to Ayodhya, Rahul Gandhi and neither the Congress party has given any clear indication if they’d be part of the Shiv Sena’s travel plans.

Rahul however hinted that he’d be interested if Shiv Sena has a Chalo Bangkok plan as well. The Congress leader had been to Bangkok last year to meditate and was looking forward to going there once again.

“Delhi assembly elections are just around the corner and we are sure to get a majority. It was under the leadership of Rahulji that we managed to form an alliance Govt in Maharashtra. All his hard work is bearing fruit now. But he has not taken a vacation and needs some time off from politics. So we are hoping that Sanjayji comes up with a plan to visit Thailand as well,” said a spokesperson for Congress.

A few leaders from NCP were also keen on Thailand but said any decision on the visit will be taken only by the party leadership. For the moment the Saamna Editor’s call has recioeved a lukewarm response.

But Sanjay Raut is not giving up. “We are in talks with our partners and things will be sorted out. Saath milkar kaam karna hai toh saath milkar travel bhi karenge. Iske pehle bhi Rahuli Ayodhya gaye haii. At least this is not like those Goa plan where everyone backs out at the last moment. So we have our fingers crossed,” he said while speaking to our reporter.