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Liberals support homophobic pamphlet at IIT Madras as it contains criticism of Modi

29, May 2015 By Pagal Patrakar

Chennai. A student group in IIT Madras named Ishq-Wala-Love was banned by institute authorities after an anonymous letter pointed out that the group has been spreading homophobic messages on the campus.

However, the group has found support from a set of people identifying themselves as “liberals”, because one of the pamphlets of the group criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Student group banned for criticizing Modi. Freedom of speech under threat by fascist government!” declared a tweet by Niranjan Sharma, a liberal who finds dissenting views disgusting and worth curbing under “reasonable restrictions” allowed by the Indian constitution.

Another group of student has demanded that IIT Madras should be renamed to JNU-South
Another group of student has demanded that IIT Madras should be renamed to JNU-South

When Faking News found out the kind of pamphlets published by Ishq-Wala-Love, we found that many of those were deeply homophobic. However, one pamphlet criticized Modi.

“Modi left his wife after marriage. He is destroying ishq and love. He loves only his men, not women.” read the beginning of the pamphlet, which went on to make disparaging remarks about homosexuals.

But it appears that “liberals” like Sharma couldn’t read after the first sentence and decided to support Ishq-Wala-Love because it had criticized Modi, and even better, attacked his personal life.

“To be honest, I didn’t read all of their pamphlets. I was ecstatic after reading the first line and decided that this group deserves support,” conceded Rana Choudhary, one of the “liberals” who had already composed a 2500 words article on how free speech was being curbed in Modi’s India.

When contacted, the institute authorities claimed that the group was neither banned for their pamphlets nor criticism of Modi, but because they had chosen name of their organization that was not in accordance with institute rules. But this explanation was rejected by everyone.

Latest report suggest that under media pressure, the ban on the group has been removed by IIT Madras, and Rana Choudhary is now writing another article on how homophobic groups like Ishq-Wala-Love are spreading hatred under Modi’s India.