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Life in Mumbai paralyzed by rains and in Delhi by AAP's new ad

19, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. While life in Mumbai has come to a standstill with city hit by incessant rain, arch rival Delhi too is not far behind.

In the aftermath of new TV commercial aired by Aam Aadmi Party ruled Delhi govt 2 days back, thousands of Delhi residents were affected and found it difficult to resume their normal routine this morning.

Heavy dosage of ad disrupted life while brain logging was reported at several locations across the capital.

Still from the ad
Still from the ad

“Despite all public transport facilities available at my disposal and perfectly suitable weather to commute, I found myself stranded on my bed unable to move out,” revealed a service professional, who took a day off, ”I had made the mistake of watching the new AAP ad yesterday despite high alert issued by colleagues and friends and it seems I am yet to recover from it fully.”

Most of the schools and private offices were shut with companies asking employees to report to work only if fully fit mentally.

“Having seen the ad ourselves, we fully understand what employees must be going through and therefore as a precautionary exercise have asked them to stay indoors, with TV set switched off,” an HR dept of top IT organization confirmed.

Luckily for some residents since electricity wasn’t there, they saved themselves from the events shown in the ad.

“We thank Kejriwal Ji for ensuring no electricity at our place for most of the duration, thereby keeping us immune from that ad and repercussions of watching it,” said a relieved house wife.

“Bhagwan mere Arvind ko salaamat rakhna,” she prayed.

As the ad is going viral on internet and with forecast showing no signs of it being take off from TV channels, a warning has been issued by the IB ministry and other concerned Delhiites on Twitter.

“Watch the ad only if absolutely necessary or an hardcore AAP supporter,” read one such tweet.