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If you like the bulls, why don't you eat their meat: Animal lovers ask Jallikattu supporters

09, Jan 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Chennai: Several animal lovers have hit out at the Jallikattu supporters and questioned their love for the bulls. Questions have been raised by after it was found out that Jallikattu supporters don’t eat the meat of Bulls at all despite claiming to love them.

“If you catch it, cook it”, say animal lovers

Jallikattu is an event of controlling bull held in Tamil Nadu as a part of Pongal celebrations. Bulls are bred specifically by people of the village for the event and attended mainly by many villages’ temple bulls. It was banned in 2014 by the Supreme Court of India but there is a huge demand from Tamil Nadu for an ordinance allowing this ritual to resume.

“I love so many animals, Chicken, Lamb, Goat, Fish, and I love to eat them whenever I get the opportunity. However, these Jallikattu supporters who say they really love the bulls and claim to rear them like family members don’t eat bull meat at all? This is totally absurd and makes us question this love. This is outright animal cruelty towards these animals”, Rajat Ahuja, an alleged animal lover told us while eating a plate of Mutton Biriyani.

36 yrs old Mumbai resident Priyanka Bajaj echoed Rajat’s views and said ,”An animal belongs at 2 places, in the zoo or on a dinner plate, that is where we should keep them. What is this nonsense about using animals for sports or involving them in some rituals? You are stopping the animals from achieving their destiny by interfering in the regular scheme of things. If you love it, eat it, if you don’t, send it to a zoo so that other animal lovers can take a look at it.”

Several animal lovers are now planning to file a PIL in Supreme Court asking for the possession of these bulls so that they can free the bulls from captivity, and cook them for dinner.