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Like Sports Bars, “News Bars” will be started for News Junkies, you can now watch 9 PM debates in bars

02, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: News junkies are in for a great treat, now they will be able to enjoy their favorite shouting matches news debates with fellow news junkies over a pint of beer. “News Bars” are set to invade the nation and as per an industry insider, are expected to more crowded than the sports bars in India.

News bar
Coming soon to a bar near you

Growing popularity of news debates among the 20 something crowd has made several bar owners rethink their strategy and move to News bars from Sports bars. News bars will be very similar to sports bars but with one major difference, all the screens inside the bar will be showing news channels instead of sports.

“We noticed how people on the internet loved to debate about the debates in news studios and that got us thinking. Won’t it be better if we provide them a place where they can grab a drink, watch the news and then start their very own debates? That is when it hit us, News bars! India needs some news bars right now where all these passionate people can come together and cheer their favorite anchor kick the ass of the politician they dislike. This is a potential Gold mine”, said Mr. Daruwala, a bar owner in Mumbai.

“The concept is basically the same as that of a sports bar but there are some minor differences. We will need a little more security at a News bar because this crowd can get way more rowdy than the sports fans; we have seen what they post online. The happy hours will be whenever the news bulletins are on, price will rise whenever news debates start because that is where the fun is”, he added.

This new concept has made many parents very uneasy though. “We only let our 20 yrs old son go out at night if he promises us that he will only go to a sports bar and not any news bar. We don’t want them exposed to that level of toxicity so early”, said a concerned parent.