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Like WhatsApp admins, class monitors to be held accountable if anyone scores poorly in their class

24, Apr 2017 By dasu

Patna: As per the recent district magistrate joint order, FIRs can be filed against WhatsApp group administrators if factually incorrect, rumor or misleading information are circulated in their WhatsApp groups.


Inspired from this order, Bihar education department is planning to make class monitors accountable for the overall performance of their classes. While speaking to us, education department official said, “If anyone in their class does poorly, the class monitor will take a cut in his scores. We have proposed if five students fail in one class, in that case class monitor will be retained in same class for one more year. It will be his or her responsibility to make sure next year these five pass along with him with good marks.”

When we asked from which class this will be applicable, the official said, “Class monitor is class monitor, every level they will be held accountable, from standard one, all the way up to post graduation.”

The official added, “The draft proposal has been sent to our Manyavar Mukhyamantri Shri Nitish Kumar Ji to make it a law. We are confident he will take it forward as he would like Bihar to bring something new  and unique which no one has done it before. Just to give you an example, Bihar is the first and till date only state, where Bihar government Officials can’t drink anywhere in the world.”

A class monitor from government school shared his perspective. He said, “What great privilege I have got as a monitor, only extra work. Bring Chalk, duster, collect notebooks. Teachers feel I am a decent boy, will give me some money, ask me to buy groceries and deliver it at their homes.  Sometimes full day teachers will not come. I will be asked to stand in one corner to note down names if someone misbehaves in class. Then it goes nowhere, no action taken like our government policies which remains only on paper.”

When we asked, hearing this, no one will come forward to become class monitor. The education department official said, “Before exam anyway majority here get question papers through leaks, we will give class monitors answer sheet to make the role super attractive.”