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After liquor shops near highways, Govt bans chai-sutta stalls near IT companies

04, Apr 2017 By @jurnoleast

Following the crack down on liquor shops within 500m from highway, Govt has now asked all chai-sutta stalls located 500m from IT companies to be shut. The move comes after it was reported that IT employees spend a considerable amount of time at stalls leading to wastage of valuable man-hours.


Speaking to Faking News, a Govt official said, “Yes the news is true. We have identified all such stalls and they will be served notice shortly. what does these employees do anyway at these stalls other than wasting time and socializing. But with this ban all that will be taken care of.”

The move came as a shocker for many employees in the IT sector. Employees of Bengaluru based Peanutfosys, which has 4 chai-sutta stalls near its sprawling campus, was the worst hit.

“Before signing on the job offer I received from the company, I made sure that there are enough stalls around the company. Now I am having second thoughts about continuing here,” said Raghu Ramchandran, a senior programmer.

Around 75% workforce of the company frequently visit the stalls. “It is not just a meeting point, we also have sales meetings here. I’ll go this far to say that these meeting are more productive than the ones that happen in the board room,” said an employee of Peanutfosys.

Many other IT employees too echoed similar sentiments. Some were even looking at changing their line of profession. “I joined a Govt bank two years back hoping that there won’t be any work. But then demonetization happened. I switched jobs and joined an IT company, but now here too they won’t let us be happy,” lamented one IT graduate.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have targeted the Govt for its draconian laws and said the move will affect the economy in a big way. Congress VP Rahul Gandhi in his characterictic style lashed out at PM and said, “Gareeb mehnati kisano ka rozgar chheen ne ka kaam karti hai ye sarkar. Modiji yeh kaise bhool gaye ki woh bhi ek chai wale the.