List of places where girls should not be allowed

15, Nov 2014 By Pavan

New Delhi: Recently, a university barred girls from entering the library citing the reason that it would attract boys and the place would be crowded.

Taking cue from that, many organizations have come up with the list of places where girls should not allowed and here it goes:

Enter at your own risk.

Schools/Colleges: Girl child should not be allowed to get admission in any school/college as it will make them smarter than boys.

Parks: If a girl is allowed to enter the park, then she will be followed by boys and park will get crowded which will make difficult for the people who are on diet and it will be troublesome for them to walk around the park.

Public Transport: Girls should not be allowed to board any bus, train or flight because boys will not get seat because of them.

Pubs/Malls/Restaurants: If girls are allowed to enter those places then they will attract boys and ruin their future. Apart from that, right wing, left wing, centre wing organizations will attack those places and cause huge amount of loss to the owners.

Offices: Boys will stop working and start staring at girls if they are allowed to enter any government or private offices, which will ultimately lead to less productivity and economy of the country will come down drastically.

Movie Theatres: Girls should not be given access to any kind of entertainment because people think that a girl’s job is to entertain others.

Temple/Mosque/Church: If girls are allowed to enter the holy places then they will start praying for betterment of them which definitely can’t be allowed to happen.

Mother’s Womb: Last place where a girl should not be allowed is to enter mother’s womb. If a girl child is born then all the above rules are imposed on her.