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Local barber suicidal after no one gives a damn about his ideas on “How to run this country properly”

08, Dec 2014 By Anil Sharma

Jaipur: A local barber named Ram Lakhan Thakur has gone immensely distressed and became suicidal after none of his customers are giving a damn about his ideas on running the nation perfectly.

The news went viral after Ram Lakhan tried to kill himself thrice yesterday but failed to do so.

Sir, ye desh nahi bachne wala hai ab

According to the reliable sources, Ram Lakhan was all set to watch Action Jackson to kill himself but quit the idea after his friends told him to not to do it the hard way. He then decided to watch uncut episodes of Bigg Boss but couldn’t get anything positive out of it except a few head-bangs on the wall.

Apparently, Ram Lakhan was all alone while he was attempting all this as his junior Pappu was traveling to his hometown for the third time in the week.

Later in the evening, the local police interfered and put him in the jail for trying to commit suicide after booking him under section 309.

“Yes, we arrested him yesterday. The dude was trying to kill himself. If common people start killing and hurting themselves then BC what will we do,” senior inspector Ramesh Yadav said.

Although Ram Lakhan was released in the morning after a written apology and a promise of free haircuts to all the policemen from the particular police station.

“Saheb, we are barbers, we are sent to advise people and talk to them about things we have nothing to do about by the great God. Cutting hair is just an excuse. Tell me why barbers spend more time doing the sides? Simply because they want to stay closer to your ears and they want you to listen to them carefully. And we give it for free unlike lawyers or consultants,” Ram Lakhan said.

“Earlier we would talk to our customers about the weather, the government, the poor law and order, the cows, the buffaloes etc. and it was all so delightful. But this smartphone thingy has killed the fun in our business. Nowadays, chaps come to us with earphones stuffed in their ears and they don’t give a damn to the wise words we utter while cutting hair,” he further added.

“Forget about listening to our ideas, they don’t even listen to our all time popular  Aa jao khatiya me balma balwa katwai ke playlist anymore,” a furious Ram Lakhan went on to add.

“These WhatsApp group-admins have taken our place. Nowadays, it’s them who share wrong misleading news with such confidence and not us,” Ram Lakhan claimed.