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Look at the judges of reality shows like Indian Idol, they are there for decades without being transferred: angry Rahul Gandhi lashes out at Govt over transfer of Delhi HC judge

27, Feb 2020 By jojo

Justice Muralidhar of Delhi High court has been given transfer orders, apparently for pulling up Delhi police over its inaction. The move has elicited strong reactions from opposition parties including Congress.

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A visibly livid Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the Govt and said, “Maine jab se Indian Idol dekha hai, tab se Anu Malik judge ki kursi se chipke hue hain. Jaise unko aur koi kaam hai hi nahi. But this is good for the show. Our judiciary  has taken a beating lately and it is time the Govt learns something from reality shows.”

Rahul also pointed out how thing were different during Congress rule. “Everything was open when we were in power. All one had to do meet our leaders in their cabin and ask ‘mujhe judge kab bana rahe ho‘. Such was the camaraderie and women’s empowerment back then,” he remarked.

While responding to criticism, Law Minister said that the move was influenced by Govts decision to make the judiciary leaner. “Why do you need so many judges when there are news channels that are adept at dispensing verdicts. This will also reduce the number of pending cases in courts and bolster the faith that citizens have in the judiciary,” Mr. Prasad said while speaking to our reporter.

He also assured that the transfer of Justice Muralidhar was routine and that the judge would still be part of Delhi High Courts Whatsapp group:

That however did not cut ice with the opposition parties, who are now planning a silence protest outside the Supreme Court premises. “Our demands have been clearly laid out by Shri Rahul Gandhiji earlier in the day. Judges should not be transferred on whims. Their tenure should be more than or equal to the tenure of Indian Idol judges,” said a Congress spokesperson.