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Looking at the size of the potholes, builder announces 'Valley view' for the newly built homes

06, Oct 2017 By RT

Mumbai. In a first of its kind, a new residential complex is launched with an advertisement tagline of ‘Valley view’ in the city, it is learnt by Faking News. The residents of the newly built homes can enjoy the view of a valley while sipping their morning coffee or the evening tea, the builder told our news reporter.

The valley is a man-made one, stretching across for about half a kilometre with varied depth levels at various points in the geographical landscape. During rainy season, the valley turns itself into a big pond or a lake of some sort and the builder changes the call signs to call the residential complex as lake-view apartments, it is further learnt.

“It is really silly of these guys to call it a ‘Valley view’, even though the size of the pot-hole can rival the size of any well known valley in the world. But then, all ‘view’ apartments are always over hyped. A park view would have no more than 2 or 3 tress to see; a river view would not have anything bigger than a creek, mostly with sewage water; and so on,” a frustrated home buyer in the new facility told Faking News.

“I am fully confident that I can sell every one of my homes in the ‘Valley View’ project. The valley is here to stay for far more years than the number of years any resident will stay at one of our homes over there. Isn’t it beautiful to have homes with two different views for two different seasons of the year” the builder marvelled with the idea of ‘Valley view’ apartments also known as ‘lake-view’, seasonally.