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Looking at the trend of cigarette price and salary hike, many techies will migrate to beedi by 2020: NASSCOM

10, Jul 2018 By dasu

Noida: NASSCOM is worried about the future of the work force it represents. It feels the industry is not doing enough to protect the interest of its employees. Employees interest lies in cigarettes, with growing cost of living, they are hardly left with any money to buy them.


“With the meagre hike they are getting year after year and the skyrocketing price of cigarettes will drive these youngsters towards unhealthier beedi”, said NASSCOM in its latest report on health of IT/ITES sector and its employees.

NASSCOM report added, “The situation is already alarming. Many IT employees consume more number of cigarettes than number of lines of codes they write. It has already taken a toll on their health. With this forced switchover to beedi it is going to make the situation even worse”.

NASSCOM has suggested Industry to come up with some subsidy sharing mechanism or transfer part of the cost through fringe benefit to keep the morale of its large chuck of employees high.

“Switching to beedi will have lot of problems. The center fresh mouth fresheners the smokers take won’t work anymore, they sit close to each other, stand close to each other inside lift. With Cigarettes only many are getting dizziness, you can imagine the situation of minority nonsmokers who work in this industry, what will be their situation”, said a NASSCOM official who has drafted the report.

The official added, “Our techies do not need much food to survive the day. They start their day with cigarette as breakfast and end with the same. The Sodexo coupons they get from their employers remain unutilized”.

NASSCOM official suggested IT employees’ unions to put pressure on Government to allow cigarettes to be purchased through Sodexo coupons.