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Maggi packet to undergo Narco Analysis to find out if MSG and lead levels are within permissible limits

13, Jan 2016 By @jurnoleast

Mysuru: Tired with the inefficiency of various state governments in detecting MSG and lead levels in Maggi, Supreme Court has now asked Mysuru based lab to carry out narco tests on Maggi packs to bring out the truth and put an end to the debate.

Packets of Maggi being taken for narco tests
Packets of Maggi being taken for narco tests

Apparently, a few packets of Maggi will be taken the lab and the regular procedure for narco analysis will be conducted. “Although something like this has not been done before anywhere in the world, the situation demands a foolproof method of testing the noodles. Our lab is ready and we are waiting for the packet to arrive,” said Radheshyam Gowda, chief of the lab.

“The packet will be first injected with truth serum and then questions will be asked to the packet to ascertain if the packet indeed has higher than normal levels of MSG and lead,” he added.

The apex court’s decision also brought back focus on Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali noodles which were in news for having worms inside the noodle packet. Baba Ramdev denied that his noodle brand would be undergoing any test and added that his noodle brand is subject to stringent hygiene test and is 100% natural. “Arre bhaiyya agar kuch worms aa bhi gaye toh ye kahavat yaad rakhna ki ‘Early bird gets the worm’,” he guffawed as our reporter tried hard to make sense of what Baba Ramdev said.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court decision led to a huge debate between Congress and BJP with the opposition party accusing the ruling party of favoring the corporate.

A prime time debate on Arnab’s NewsHour debate saw spokespersons from both parties trading charges and accusing each other of misleading the nation.

“This test is a sham and biggest joke of 2016. How can they test a packet and find out the truth. I mean at least they should open the packet, boil the Maggi  and then ask questions. How will Maggi reply when it still inside the packet?” questioned Sanjay Jah of the Congress Party.