Maid secretly siphoned off grocery from employer over the years, starts her own e-commerce business to deliver essentials during lockdown

01, May 2020 By yogy

While many businesses are shut owing to the lockdown, a Mumbai maid is all set to start her own e-commerce business.


The maid who recently quit her job working for a South Mumbai family, will now be delivering grocery online through her venture.

Sources say that the maid managed to siphon of huge quantities of grocery while working for her employer, leading to a warehouse full of essential items.

A driver working for the same family spoke to our reporter on teh condition of anonymity and said, “She has been working there for almost a decade. When the family was away, she use carry the items in a suitcase. I am not surprised that she is starting her own business. To be honest, I too used to siphon petrol at times. If can start a petrol pump if I want. But seeing the prices of petrol, I think that would be a bad idea.

The maid, who now calls herself CEO of the startup, has already successful delivered 10000 orders across the city. And she plans to expand pan India in a few months.

The numbers though impressive, are causing concern to exisitng players like Amazon. CEO Jeff Bezos, who visited India last year, is expected to once again after the lockdown is lifted.

In a meeting with top officials of Amazon in India, Bezos said, “I don’t know the number of maids in India, but it is a substantial number. If every maid siphons grocery only to sell it online later, we will be out of business. That is why in my next visit we will get them on board as partners. I am already bald and not ready to lose any more hair over this.”