Maids with PPE should be allowed to enter housing complex, women plead to the Govt as many tired of doing household chores

28, Apr 2020 By yogy

With no end in sight of the lockdown, many women and men who have been religiously doing household chores now want an end to it.

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Women across the country pleaded the Govt to allow maids with PPE to enter homes so that they can take care of cleaning and mopping.

Sources say that National Commission of Women has take the lead and written a letter to the Prime Minister asking for some sort of relief.

The letter mentions how several working women, who previously never entered the kitchen, are now spending a major portion of day languishing inside the kitchen.

Faking News spoke to one such woman from Delhi and under the condition of anonymity said, “Life was so much easier before this lockdown thing happened. Now I have just my boring husband for company and nothing but cooking and cleaning in my life. I hope the Govt somehow allows maid to come back to work, so there is going to be a collective meltdown of women across the country.”

A certain section of women even said that they were ready to swap their husbands with maids. “Don’t call her a maid or a kaamwali bai. She is a House Manager and deserves respect. Give me a house manager any day over a husband,” said another housewife from Mumbai.

Highly placed Govt officials say that though they are looking into the possibility of PPE for maids, the idea does not see the light of the day at least for another month.

“We have to stop human to human transmission. I know the problems faced by many families. I too get up at 6 am to do the utensils, then clean and mop the floors while my wife takes care of the cooking,” revealed an official.

For the moment Govt is looking at ways and means to tide over the situation. “Maybe the PM can, as part of Sunday task, ask citizens to clap for women and appreciate the contribution to household work. We are also looking to connect maids with their employers via video calls to facilitate gossip and keep themselves entertained,” the official added.