Mainland China outlets in India get poor ratings on Zomato after China blocks UN's move on Masood Azhar  

14, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

After China once again blocked United Nations move to brand Masood Azhar as global terrorist, Mainland China outlets in India had to face the wrath of netizens. The restuarnat was rated poorly on popular restaurant review apps.


The fine dining restaurant is frequented by those looking to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine. However, that changed the moment China blocked India’s move. Popular restautant finding apps like Zomato saw a barrage of negative reviews on the Mainland China page.

“From an average four star rating, it plummeted to two stars in just a day. Harsh reviews were all over the place. From ‘terrible food’ to ‘pathetic service’, it looked as it there was nothing that reviewers could speak good about,” said a source.

There were also reports that few patrons even made demands for food items that were not part of them menu so that they get an excuse to write negative reviews.

Across the country many outlets of the restaurant saw drop in numbers just a day after China’s actions were reported in the media. Speaking to Faking News the manager of one such outlet said, “Usually the the place is crowded in the evening. We had a handful of people and the food they ordered was typically North Indian. Now how do we serve them Chhole Kulche and Tandoori Chicken.”

Meanwhile, China too had a response to a Chinese restaurant being downgraded in India. Douban, a movie review site saw the ratings of popular bollywood movie Dangal taking a hit after many called for a tit-for-tat response.