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Mall owner converts the building into a school for better profits, after suffering losses in Q3

06, Oct 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A mall owner in the city has converted the building into a school for better profits, after suffering losses in Q3. School is the best business for all seasons and all quarters, Mr. Ram told Faking News on the decision taken by him to convert every single business establishment in the mall to a classroom or an administrative office for the school.

“Children love to go to the mall. Imagine having a school in the mall itself. A lot of parents and students have welcomed our decision and in fact we are thinking about a new line of franchises with this idea. As far the facility, all our classrooms have air-conditioning and there is an internal train in every floor, which connects the classrooms. The PVR facility remains unchanged along with the popcorn stall,” Ram told Faking News.

“With mall, our profits was good in the first year. With people started buying things in some kind of an online sale or the other, a mall is no more lucrative. Also, whether they understand or not, everyone cites GST for not shopping anything. On the contrary, we are introducing a new GST in the mall-school. It is called Good School Tax,” he further added on the level of creativity they are reaching out to, with everything on the mall-school franchise.

“We love it. Our children are more than happy to know that they would now go to a mall for the school. With the new GST, the fee is almost double, but who really cares. After all, our social status depends on the amount of fee we pay for our children’s education and extra-curricular activities,” a proud father of two school going children told Faking News.

School fee is scheduled for every quarter, with strict rules about quarter over quarter growth and year over year growth, by the mall school, it is learnt by Faking News.