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Mallya’s chargesheets page count cross 9k crore, more than the amount due from him

26, Jan 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: With CBI submitting one more thousand page chargesheet against Vijay Mallya in Kingfisher Airline-IDBI loan case, the total count of chargesheet pages filed by different investigating agencies against Mallya has crossed 9k crore which is more than the total loan amount due from him.

Mallya looks pretty happy with the achievement
Mallya looks pretty happy with the achievement

The new thousand page chargesheet has tried to convey in a concise manner, how Vijay Mallya managed to get more than one thousand three hundred crore loan from IDBI by colluding with its senior officials and how he diverted a part of the loan for his personal use.

“We found lot of evidence during our investigation, if we could have printed everything it would have been a 10k pages minimum. I had to ‘work on’ it, discard minor offenses, capture only major ones which can be proved in court of law,” said CBI director Ranvijay Sinha.

However, a former kingfisher official who has been named in the chargesheet is not all concerned with the latest development. While speaking to us anonymously he said, “From time to time, agencies like CBI and ED have to show that they are productive. So they will keep on filing one after another bulky chargesheets against us. No way it is going to impact me or Mallya sir.”

The official went on to add, “In today’s time people do not have patience to read four lines email message, they expect judges will have time to go through such humongous materials to take action against us. Unnecessarily, they are increasing work loads of our courts who are running short of manpower.”

Commenting on this, Mr. Mallya spoke to us from London. He said, “I have asked for a soft copy as I want to search quickly where my name is mentioned. That also they did not give. Let them harass me as much they want. However, I have full faith in India’s judiciary. You saw how Salman Khan got justice after so many years. It might take some time, but one day I will definitely get justice.”