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Mamata didn’t consult me inspite of my reputation as Dharna expert: Kejriwal laments, may pull out of Mahagathbandhan

05, Feb 2019 By dasu

According to our sources in AAP, Arvind Kejriwal has written a strongly worded letter to Mamata after she started Dharna in front of Kolkata Police commissioners house without consulting him.

Kejriwal at Delhi Assembly

“Mamata di, I am glad you became the 2nd sitting chief minister to sit on a Dharna, please do not forget I am the first, the record no one can break”, said the opening Paragraph of the letter.

“You only suggested in Kolkata while you served us such a sumptuous meal post our Mahagathbandhan get together, let us utilize each other’s expertise. You only nominated me as Dharna expert and in my absence Manish Sisodia Bhai when I go to NatureCure resorts for naturopathy treatment”.

“Inspite of all these, I shared my template Dharna project plan with you. You have also deleted my email without reading it as per the mail read receipt. FYKI, Yogendra Bhai with whom I had many rounds of Tu Tu Mein Mein, still follows my mpp while going for Dharna with farmers and this is the respect you have for me”.

“I am extremely disappointed, I have no other option than pulling out of Mahagathbandhan”

Kejriwal has asked Manish to look for like minded parties who are not part of NDA, Mahagathbandhan and KCR’s third front.

After hearing so much churning inside Mahagathbandhan, UPSC has asked the question setters, do not set any question on constituents, ideology, common minimum program of Mahagathbandhan.