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Man with 38-inch waist still trying to squeeze in his 34-inch jeans

10, Jan 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Pradeep K, a person in his early thirties at last fulfilled his dream of wearing his favorite jeans.


Pradeep with 38-inch circumference was trying his level best to squeeze into his favorite 34-inch jeans for quite some time. By holding his breath for five minutes, folding his stomach he achieved his ‘goal’ after the jeans somehow found the ‘lowest’ available circumference area near his waste.

On the memory of his ex-girlfriend Priya, Pradeep spent an entire day wearing the same jeans which did its job by leaving a deep mark on his waist.

“This day is close to my heart. I still remember when I was in final year, this was the day, Priya came on a date with me for the first & last time. When we both saw up to 50% off new year sale in a mall, we basically decided to buy something for each other”, said Pradeep while speaking to us.

Pradeep added, “She was smart, she chose a nice-looking Ray-ban sunglass. Jo selfie mein acha dikha woh kharid liya. On jeans, she asked me what size she should get from the shelfs for me to try. Though I was already buying 36-inch then, how can I say, I just told 34-inch. Avoided trying there saying, iska length alter karna padega, kitna rush hai, bahut time lagega, we will miss SRK’s movie first part”.

Without divulging much details what happened between them, Pradeep said, “Priya found her life partner in US and I found my job here, still single. Forgot Priya as well as this jeans till few months back she sent me a friend request and then she was the one liked my bike photo in Instagram first. Decided to try the jeans today and put a photo by tagging her #memory2009”.

Pradeep excused himself by saying “Do not look like this jeans button has any emotion, it might come out any moment. Let me change it before something like that happens”.