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Man adds 'Successful withdrawal of cash from ATM in 1 visit' as achievement in his resume

17, Nov 2016 By RT

Mumbai:  A man in his late twenties added a new achievement in his resume that has done wonders to his career. Under the section of accolades, awards and achievements, he has mentioned successful withdrawal of cash from an ATM in one visit. After this addition, the man has been offered the role of Chief Strategy Officer in a leading MNC.

The ATMs our CSO targeted

Faking News contacted the HR department of the MNC for an exclusive story.

“At first, we called this guy just out of curiosity since we had never seen ATM withdrawal as achievement in a resume. Only later did we come to know that this withdrawal was on the first day of ATMs opening after the recent demonetization in India. Now, that is some achievement which has to be recognized”, the HR manager told our reporter.

“Our new CSO made this withdrawal of cash from the ATMs on the very first day that ATMs reopened after Indian PM had appeared on the national television to announce demonetization. He withdrew cash using his 3 ATM cards and up to the maximum permissible limit of 2,000 Rs. We were stumped to find out that he managed this rare and almost impossible feat”, he further added.

Faking News wanted the master strategist to narrate it himself and contacted him for his reaction. “I never waited in any line in front of an ATM”, the man surprised the reporter with the opening statement. “Of course I did wait to get the cash out from the ATM machine. But I never joined any queue in front of a functional ATM”, he explained the technique that worked for him.

“I avoid the ATMs with small or long queues. In fact, if there is money in an ATM and people are going there to take money out, then it is not mine to visit. I look for an ATM which says no cash. There will obviously be no queue over there. I go alone and make friends with the ATM security guard. He later alerts me as soon as they start loading money in the machine”, the man smiled explaining the strategy.

“I go there with my 3 cards. In one go, withdraw maximum amount from each card and leave before anyone knows that the ATM has started functioning again”, the new chief strategist of the MNC winked at the reporter.

Highly enlightened, the reporter reached an ATM which said ‘Temporarily unavailable’. He offered the ATM security a quarter of whiskey and asked him when they will load cash in the machine again. “This ATM is permanently temporarily unavailable”, swiftly replied the security, taking a sip directly from the quarter.