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Man appearing to be in deep thought actually trying to deliver a fart

17, May 2015 By manithan

Nagpur.  Bored of writing about politics and cricket, we decided to take a break and write about what common women & men do everyday in and out of our roads.

On our way for some topic, we saw this 27-year old guy sitting in the park bench for around 30 minutes. He appeared to be in deep thought. He was not hearing any music and didn’t even mind to operate his mobile during that duration. To make things easy for us, we thought of asking his family and friends about what deep thought he is in. We found out his name and address via our investigative journalist in less then 15 minutes. We landed up at his home and raised our concerns to his mom, “Aunty! Your son has been sitting in park for past one hour in deep thought. What is troubling him?”

Can he, can he not?
Can he, can he not?

She cast a suspicious look on us and started scolding her son, “What deep thought? He had stolen 500 Rupees from his dad’s shirt pocket. He had also ate all the chapathis with rajma that I had cooked for his sister and myself. We had to then buy food from hotel. Its been three years since he completed his engineering and one year since he cleared all his arrears. Still, he could not find a job. He always goes to that park bench and sits from morning to noon and comes back home.”

Tired of our investigations, we slowly went to the park bench where he was seated and tried to initiate a conversation with him. Looking at us looking at him with our camera, he became cheerful and started posing for the camera. We then told him about his mom’s anger. He again went into deep thought and we brought him back to senses.

When asked whether he was thinking about his future, he chuckled and said, “I never thought about my life. My mom always cooks rajma and garlic every morning. And I come here to concentrate and deliver farts. For the past two hours, I had been putting all my efforts and applying my engineering tactics, but the fart is still stuck in my ass. I need to do some breathing exercise it seems. But usually, by noon, I will successfully deliver it and go for another fart generation exercise, that is, eating lunch.”