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Man applies for HR vacancy, sends pictures of office decorations as work experience instead of CV

18, Jul 2017 By itsmihir1993

Soon after the Facebook headquarters in Mumbai advertised their requirement of an HR, the organisation quickly found an ideal person out of the many applications they received for the vacancy.

Inside details revealed that to escape the tedious recruitment process at Facebook, Rahul (30), directly sent pictures of office decorations from his previous workplace instead of sending his CV and got the job.

Our reporters tried speaking to Rahul on his first day at job to get some tips on how to crack interviews in popular MNCs. However, Rahul remained unavailable for comments as he was busy decorating the Facebook premises.

After repeated attempts, our reporters could finally speak to Rahul who was all tired after committing himself to the HR job, “Being an HR manager is difficult — you’ve got to know where you get the cheapest balloons and colourful ribbons in the city to decorate the office during festivals,” he said.

Boasting of his ability of getting recruited, Rahul revealed, “Experience matters a lot. I have successfully decorated the office premises and arranged cakes at my previous workplaces. You cannot get rejected if you have a strong background.”

He further added that the competition has now increased, “We have heard of people putting false information on their CV. Likewise, many people send pictures of decorations from birthday parties and family gatherings and project them as office decorations, just to get the job,” he said, explaining the rampant foul play in the market.

We visited the recruitment cell at Facebook headquarters to get an insight into the selection process in the organisation. The recruitment officer told us, “For any job profile, it is important for the applicant to identify the needs and expectations of the organisation and apply accordingly. Today, Rahul is with us because he knew what exactly is expected from an HR manager.”