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Man arrested for thinking a joke on Narendra Modi

14, Jul 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Thought crime cell of Mumbai Police has arrested a 25 yrs old guy, Arun (Name changed on request), from Andheri after he thought of a joke on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Several aware citizens living in the same neighbourhood as Arun alerted the thought police that a crime is being committed and the police instantly swung into action. Arun was arrested within an hour of thinking this joke and is waiting for someone to bail him out.

PM Modi
Narendra Modi laughing after hearing that joke

Explaining the action of the Police, a senior officer said ,”During these times, it is very important for the Police to be proactive. We can’t wait for someone to tweet the joke or to say it out loud, we got to arrest them the moment they think of the joke so that others don’t get infected by it. We know our Police force is stretched thin so we can’t track the thoughts of every citizen but thankfully we have citizen volunteers who are as eager as us to control the thoughts of general population. They alerted us and we immediately arrested this guy before he can tell this bad joke to anyone else.”

While the quantum of punishment this crime will attract is not clear as yet, sources have informed us that Police is trying its best to remove the memory of the joke from Arun’s brain. Head of thought crime cell is currently writing to Men in Black to check for the availability of a Neuralizer.

Meanwhile, Enforcement Directorate requested support of this thought crime cell of Mumbai Police to arrest politicians before they commit any scam but this request was denied.