Man arrested for thinking a meme on Mamata Banerjee

15, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Kolkata: A 25 yrs old man was arrested in Kolkata earlier today when he thought of a meme on Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee.


The man, whose identity is hidden for his protection, thought of the meme last night but fortunately he was arrested before he could make the dreaded meme.

Speaking to Faking News in a lock-up, the young man said, “I thought of this meme last night before going to sleep and then I was woken up in the morning with a Police Inspector in my face. I told them that I haven’t created anything and didn’t even laugh when I thought of the meme but they refused to listen to me. They brought me here and have filed an FIR under half a dozen sections.”

“I have already apologized for thinking about the memes but the Police says they can’t do anything now as the case is registered and I must submit my apology to the Supreme Court. I am waiting for my case to get media attention so that I can also get a hearing in the Supreme Court”, he added.

Congratulating Kolkata Police for the proactive approach, Ms Banerjee said, “We want to protect democracy and constitution at any cost and the greatest threat they face are the memes. Our Police has always done a good job in arresting people for memes once they are created but this new approach will make sure that we cut off the supply of memes completely.”

Meanwhile, the writer of this report has started doing research on the condition of jails in Bengal.