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Man asks Ministry of Railways for some Rum after feeling cold during the journey

25, Jul 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Kanpur: Ministry of railways has become very responsive to people’s demands these days and is delivering everything from diapers to medicines if you tweet to them. They have now taken this customer service to another high when they delivered a quarter of Old Monk to a passenger who requested for some Rum after feeling cold during his journey.

Indian Railways- in your service

The man, Amol, tagged the ministry’s handle last night and tweeted ,”Mast journey, halki halki thand, thodi Rum mil jaaye to maza aa jaaye.” Within 5 minutes, ministry responded to him asking for his PNR details. After giving the details, Amol was provided with a quarter of Rum, a can of Coke and a small packet of peanuts at the next station.

Praising the ministry’s response, Amol said ,”This is the best customer service I have ever seen. Forget any other improvement in the Railways, just keep this level of service up and I am sure the public will be very happy. I wasn’t really expecting them to deliver Rum when I tweeted about it but apparently they have some new rules, no tweet request will go unanswered. My only regret is that I should have clarified the amount of Rum I wanted, one full bottle would have been perfect but still, we must appreciate what they did.”

Meanwhile, Railways has denied that there is a rule to respond to every tweet directed towards the ministry. “We will still be ignoring all the complaints about delays in arrival and departure of the trains”, said a senior Railways official.