Man asks mother-in-law to take advantage of Shramik Express and go back to native place, gets trashed by his wife

05, May 2020 By yogy

The Govt has started the Shramik Express to help migrants get back home, which many are thinking it wise to taking advantage of.


A Delhi based man, who advised his mother-in-law to think on the same lines however ended up getting trashed by his wife. Timely intervention by neighbors saved the man from his wife’s wrath.

Speaking to Faking News, the victim said, “My mother-in-law came to stay at our place without invitation just before the lockdown began. I thought the lockdown would end on a couple of days and she would go away. Lekin woh jaane ka naam hi nahi le rahi thi. So I thought I’d propose the idea of Shramik Express to her so that she gets the hint.”

His suggestion however proved to be costly after wife trashed him for picking on her mother.

Neighbors say that they heard screaming and shouting which prompted them to alert the cops.

One over investigative neighbor who always has his binoculars trained on houses in the locality gave us a firsthand account on what happened.

Jis jhadoo se ghar ki saaf safai kar rahi thi, ussi se pati ki bhi safai ki. Zor Zor se awazein aa rahi thi. Uski saas ne bhi lage haath do chaar chamaat lagaye,” he revealed.

Meanwhile cops have not filed any case of domestic violence as the victim is a man.

“For now we are trying for a reconciliation between the couple. Maybe the husband was genuinely concerned about his mother-in-law. Hopefully this will get resolved soon,” said a senior officer at the local police station.