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Man becomes millionaire after throwing challenge to find out his bank account through Aadhaar

08, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar

A few days back, RS Sharma, chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), had disclosed his Aadhaar number on social media as part of a challenge to prove that Aadhaar is secure.


Being in such high level government post, RS Sharma’s contact number was available on a few websites that enabled users to disclose his contact numbers on social media. And soon after, many users found various e-wallets linked to that phone number and deposited money as a proof of hacking.

While many were surprised to know that nothing is safe, one person decided to realize his dream of becoming a millionaire through this challenge.

Santosh Kumar from Lucknow also threw a challenge, after the RS Sharma incident, and uploaded his Aadhaar card and asked users to find out his BHIM UPI. Santosh asked users to deposit some amount as a proof of access to his BHIM profile.

To show their hacking skills thousands of users not only found out his BHIM UPI but also deposited some money and posted the same on social media. It was only later, when Santosh tweeted about his new phone and car that people realized Santosh had fooled them.

An FIR was filed against Santosh for fraud but was later declared null and void since the users had deposited money by their will and without the intention of getting any profit or interest on it. It’s not the first time when Santosh had used his smartness to earn money. Santosh’s father says that Santosh has an innovative mind and comes up with unique ideas to make money. He cited an instance when Santosh had taken free subscription of various newsletters only to sell them to kabadiwalas and earn money.

Santosh, a college dropout, has set an example that you don’t need degrees to earn money, you can earn by being smart and aware. Whether Santosh is ethical or not isn’t the question. The question that we must ask ourselves is “Are we in a hurry to show-off our smartness?” like those people who had deposited money in Santosh’s account.