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Man busy on phone starts for ‘eighth’ phera, Pundit marry him to smart phone

03, Aug 2017 By dasu

Mumbai: We noticed an unusual scene at a marriage pandal in Borivali. The Pundit was forcefully marrying the groom, Anuj Chauhan to his smart phone iPhone 7.

According to Anju’s close friend Santosh, who was sitting near the pandal told us, “Anuj was busy on his phone and he started for ‘eighth’ phera. The bride, relatives of bride and all the senior people who were noticing him from morning felt his 24 by 7 companion iPhone 7 should be his life partner. Photographer who has already clicked some thousand odd photographs from morning showed some photographs where both looked good together.”

Santosh added, “The pundit who got more commission from the bride’s relatives did whatever they said and agreed to their plan. Now you see, how he is playing one and after another marriage shloka from his playlist to complete the wedding ceremony as soon as possible.”

As such Anuj was marrying the girl against his parents’ wish and other than Santosh, there were six other close friends who accompanied Anuj for his wedding. “I hate to call them friends any more. Here Anuj’s life is going for a toss and woh log apne setting karne mein lage huain hai. All of them are behind bride’s cousin sisters and do not even know what’s happening here,” said Santosh who tried to stop the marriage but he was overpowered by the large contingent present at the pandal.

Santosh told he has warned Anuj about his unusual attachment with smart phone before. “Sunta nahin hai kissi ka. While driving, eating or while crossing road, always he will be attached to his phone.  Whenever I will warn him, he will confront me. He will proudly say even inside rest room where he needs both his hands as necessity, he will keep the phone attached to his ear supported through his shoulder.”

For his first night, Anuj was pushed inside a room with his life partner in his hand. Everyone was saying him, “Anuj Beta lage raho puri raat. Nobody will disturb you. Oh yes, Siri is there to guide you”.