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Man calls a bank employee to sell a useless offer as a revenge against unlimited loan offer prank calls

08, Mar 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A man called a bank employee over the phone and pretended to sell a pre-launch offer for a new home, to be built in 2020. This was done in retaliation to unlimited loan offer prank calls done by the bank employee to the man, living in Colaba area of Mumbai.


Faking News has learnt that there were a total of 65 phone calls made from the bank employee to Mr. Kumar, the Colaba man – in the month of January, 2017, till date. It all started with Mr. Leander, the bank employee, calling Mr. Kumar on the first of Jan, 2017 with new year loan offers in personal loan, home loan and vehicle loans. And, during all the calls, Mr. Leander asked to be called as Mr. Lender, Kumar told our reporter.

Kumar, it is understood, had rejected all the offers and asked not to be called again but the calls kept coming. Every time, a new tactic or a new flavor to the same offer was told by Mr. Lender and Kumar was pushed to the limits and decided to retaliate, the Colaba resident told Faking News.

“This guy would call at all obscene hours and during Saturdays and Sundays too. I wanted to teach him a lesson and called him back in the middle of a night, during one of the nights, last week. Believe me! the guy was jumping to listen to the words ‘Home’, ‘Offer’ and ‘Loan’ etc., Only after 15 minutes into the conversation, he realized that I was selling the offer and not asking for a home loan. I continued for another 10 minutes and finally hung up when Lender almost sobbed, asking him to be left alone,” Kumarspoke about the sweet revenge taken on the prank caller.

“Even during sobbing, this guy lived up to his lending legacy. He asked me to call him back, if I ever decided to take any of the loans from his bank. I smiled and disconnected the call,” Kumar described the entire episode with Leander. Faking News reporter controlled his journalistic urge to call Leander for his comments, for the fear of getting numerous calls with useless loan offers.