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Man cancels gym membership, says he has lost enough weight in bank queues

15, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 38 yrs old Anand Kumar, who had taken up a gym membership few months back to lose weight, has canceled it today after reaching his target weight. What months of gym training couldn’t do, 2 days of queuing up outside the local SBI branch has done for Anand and he is looking fitter than Akshay Kumar.

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Anand who has struggled with weight issues throughout his youth is delighted with the outcome and has thanked PM Modi for getting him back into shape.

“I used to kill myself in the gym, working out daily, so many exercises, but my weight barely decreased. I was starting to get depressed and thinking about joining another gym to see if it gets me different results. However, Modi’s decision of demonetization came as a great solution for my problem”, Anand said speaking to Faking News.

“I had 60,000 cash at home in 1,000 and 500 Rs notes and I immediately rushed to the nearest bank next day to deposit the amount. However, the queue was so long that the bank closed before my turn. Next day, I left home at 5 AM to go and stand in the queue. After standing for 6 hrs, finally mu turn came and I managed to deposit the amount. I burst into a victory dance after achieving this”, Anand said remembering his victorious moment.

However, Anand’s joy was short-lived when he came home and remembered that he forgot to withdraw any money for his daily requirements. Next day, Anand returned to stand in an ATM queue this time. After another long wait in the queue, Anand finally managed to withdraw 2,000 Rs and returned home exhausted.

“After all that, when I visited my gym this weekend, I was shocked to see the lowest weight I have ever been. I wasn’t so happy even after withdrawing those 2,000 Rs from the ATM. I immediately canceled my gym membership as I realized that standing in various queues is much more effective way to lose weight than slogging it in the gym. I am feeling on top of the world now thanks to demonetization”, Anand concluded.

Meanwhile, opposition parties have hit out at PM Modi after this news calling him Anti-Gym.