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Man carrying two Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in his suit mistaken to be a suicide bomber

13, Oct 2016 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Security guards at a local mall in Delhi went into a tizzy after a shopper was found with two Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in his suit pocket, mistaking him to be a suicide bomber.

The smartphone that led to the security scare
The smartphone that led to the security scare

The evening cacophony of shoppers at CenterOne Shopping mall briefly turned into curious hushed voices as PCR vans from neighboring police stations swooped in.

Eyewitness say that one suspect with his arms raised in the air was seen with cops pointing their guns at him. The suspect was later identified as Vikas Khanna, a businessman from South Delhi, who was at the mall for festival shopping.

Speaking to Faking News, Vikas who was later let off, recounted his harrowing experience, “I was just going through the routine security check when the guards asked me to lift my arms. No sooner I did that, the security raised an alarm pointing at the two Galaxy 7 phones in my suit pocket. Apparently they thought I was a suicide bomber. It took me hours to convince them that I had no intention to blow up the mall.”

Cops however were not ready to take any chances. “Even though they were not explosives, they were Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Going by their track record lately, we thought it was better to summon the bomb disposal squad,” said Police Chief of Delhi.

While briefing the media on the incident Police Chief further said that the ‘two smartphones were successfully diffused without any civilian casualty’.

The smartphone, which has been under fire literally for exploding batteries has cause security scare at airport previously.

The company however refused to comment on this particular incident, but assured user that the problem will be rectified soon

Sources within the company say that the faulty handsets will be recalled and the company may provide a fire extinguisher as an accessory to customers.