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Man casually thinks about visiting a bank branch, immediately gets sms saying 'Rs. 150 deducted from account'

06, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

Delhi resident Ashish Verma realized the power of ‘thought becoming things’ after he received a sms informing him about ‘Rs 150 deducted from his account’. Apparently, he go the sms immediately after he casually thought about visiting the bank branch to withdraw money. “This is ridiculous! I read about bank charging customers for deposit and withdrawal but now these guys are charging me for my thoughts too,” he said, in an irritated tone.

Apparently, there were previous instances too when Ashish received similar messages from the bank, but he did not pay much attention. “I do get notifications for random debits from my accounts. However the frequency of these deductions increased in the past few few days. Every time I think about anything related to my bank account I get a message. What kind of sorcery is this?” he questioned.

Ashish tried to reach out the customer care department of the bank to get his issue sorted out, but the grievance redressal cell ended up giving him further grief. “First these bank guys come begging to me to open an account and now I have to pay them to withdraw my own money. What is going on here,” he screamed.

There were reports that few customers of other banks also received such sms, making it clear that this is not specific to any bank. Just yesterday another resident of Delhi was charged Rs. 200 for passed from outside a bank bank branch. “I dont even have an account there. Just happened to pass from there and the staff just pulled me aside and asked me to pay up.” said Rakesh Kumar from Chandni Chowk.

Experts from the banking industry are not surprised at such charges and even hinted at many such charges being levied on customers in future. “NPA’s have gone beyond the roof and banks are desperate to somehow bring down the bad debts. Vijay Mallya too is not coming back. So customers should brace themselves, winter may not come soon but these charges are definitely coming,” said an expert.