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Man caught for trespassing into Akshay Kumar's house remains defiant, asks 'What abt Akshay who trespasses into everyone's bathroom with a bottle of Harpic'

08, Feb 2019 By @jurnoleast
 A 20 year old Haryana youth who was caught for entering Akshay Kumar’s house without permission has refused to apologize. Sandeep Goswami, the trespasser who was handed over to the cops, is believed to be a fan of the bollywood actor.

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Sandeep had come to Mumbai to meet his idol, but was caught just in time as he was about to enter the house. Though the actor has not pressed any charges and asked the cops to let go off with a warning, Sandeep has put up a defiant front and insisted that he be allowed to enter Akshay’s house.

While speaking to Faking News from Juhu Police Station, Sandeep said, “Call it tit-for-tat if you may. But why isn’t anyone questioning Akshay Kumar over his bizarre acts. I know many people who have been at the receiving end of the actor’s trespasses. And let me put the record straight. I am a fan of the actor but his behavior of entering our bathroom is not welcome.”

No sooner the incident was reported in the media, housewives across the country came out in support of Sandeep. “I was having my afternoon nap one day when I heard some noises coming from my bathroom. What I saw shocked me. Akshay was trying to squeeze through the bathroom window with a Harpic bottle,” recalled a housewife from South Mumbai.

The National Commission for Women has now asked the actor to refrain from entering anyone’s house especially when housewives are alone in the house. In a strongly worded letter, the commission asked the actor to inform beforehand and seek permission before entering any housing complex. Failing to which penal action would be initiated.

The actor has not reacted to the letter, but lawyer said, “Akshay is a Canadian citizen. He is in India as a tourist and we have a culture of Atithi Devo Bhava. Do guests need permission? NCW should stop overreacting on this issue.”