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Man changes profile pic to Virat Kohli on FB, gets more likes than his girlfriend’s profile pic

28, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: In a record breaking performance, Ajay Kumar, a fourth year engineering student, has managed to get more likes on his profile pic than his girlfriend’s profile pic. As per Facebook experts, this is the first time that a non-celebrity boyfriend, that too an engineer has managed to out-like his girlfriend.

Virat Kohli
Ajay’s profile pic

Ajay, who had changed his profile pic to Virat Kohli’s photo after India’s victory over Australia, got the shock of his life as he woke up to find over a 1,000 likes for his new FB profile picture. Most of those likes weren’t even from his friend list. Even random strangers had liked his picture and commented on it. The best that his girlfriend had ever managed was 685.

“First things first! I’m inviting my friends for a like themed party this weekend on the occasion of getting 1,000+likes for my new profile picture. This will surely continue to be my profile pic for the coming 5 years”, said Ajay as he appeared positively overwhelmed and felt like a celebrity. He even started comparing himself to the likes of those who rose to fame overnight.

When asked whether he ever came close to such a high number of likes earlier, Ajay said, “Close? Boss my best ever performance in a profile picture was 15 likes before this. Forget profile picture, once I updated my status that I have built a hovercraft in college all by myself and managed 3 likes. This is just overwhelming for me right now.”

When we asked Ajay’s girlfriend Priya for her reaction, she replied, “This is not really his profile pic so I consider it cheating. Even I can get 10,000 likes by having Sunny Leone’s picture on my profile. What Ajay got is not likes at all; it is just a result of emotional outburst of a frenzied mob on Facebook.”

Meanwhile, Ajay is considering breaking up with Priya and dating a girl who gets same number of likes as him on her profile pics.