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Man checking pockets of all his clothes to find some money to see him through month end

27, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 25 yrs old Arun is busy checking the pockets of all the clothes that he owns as he tries to come up with enough cash to see him through the month end. With just 3 more days left in the month, Arun’s bank account resembles Aryabhatta’s invention and his credit card has reached its limit, now he needs to come up with something to see him through till the 1st of October.

Messy room
There is a lot of money there somewhere

For most young employees in private sector, month end starts on the afternoon of their pay day as they settle all their outstanding bills, like the credit card bill, electricity bill, grocery shop’s pending payment, cigarette wala’s pending payment etc etc. After that, they find creative ways to get through the rest of the month, the creative way being the use of credit cards. However, Arun is in a fix this month as all 3 of his credit cards have reached their upper limit.

“I had budgeted myself perfectly for the entire month but somehow I have fallen short. There are still 3 days to go and I am all out of money. Chai-Sutta and Beer expense will be taken care of as I have open credit with those guys but it’s the food that will take money. I have a lot of self-pride so I am not going to any friend begging them for money. Instead, I will just go through all my clothes and I am sure I will find 1000-1500 Rs there”, Arun said.

“It is remarkable how much money I forget in the pockets of my jeans and shirts. Once I enter the house in the evening, I immediately take off my clothes and throw them on whatever surface is nearby. I only take my phone, wallet and keys, and forget about checking the pockets for any extra cash. Over the month, that cash keeps accumulating and comes really handy at the end of the month. I once found as much as 5,000 Rs during one prolific month”, Arun added.

While discussing this with us, Arun found a 500 Rs note in one of his jeans and immediately decided to order a Pizza.