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Man comes out of his grave to enroll for Aadhar

09, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Kanpur: In a surprising incident, a man, Late Shri Gaya Ram, came out from his grave when relatives were performing the last rites. Gaya Ram ran after coming out of grave ran straight to the Aadhar enrollment center.

In order to prevent fraud claims, the Government on Friday made Aadhaar number mandatory for the registration of death with effect from October 1. So technically, if a person dies without Aadhar number then the beneficiary can’t claim the insurance.  Even though government seems to have strict stand on the matter, they have shown some mercy to people who are about to die. Government spokesperson clarified that if a person is dying he will not to have stand on the queue for Aadhar registration.

Gaya Ram, 64, was suffering from high blood pressure related issues and doctors also had given up. On Sunday evening Gaya Ram had a cardiac arrest and he succumbed to that. Gaya Ram’s sons rushed to their home soon after they heard about Gaya’s critical condition. Gaya Ram’s younger brother informed the insurance company from where Gaya Ram had taken the term insurance. Insurance company reached next day and demaded Gaya Ram’s Aadhar card, which family couldn’t produce. Apparently, Gaya Ram didn’t have an Aadhar card.

Insurance company’s claim that insurance amount can’t be disbursed without the Aadhar card of the deceased has been challenged by the family’s lawyer. Gaya Ram’s death also brought out the point that Gaya Ram didn’t link his Pan card, Phone number, Bank account, Facebook account, GST number and Blood test report. Income Tax department is likely to raid Gaya Ram’s home.

Things took a major turn when family was performing last rites and suddenly there was a movement in the dead body and then Gaya Ram came out from the grave. He didn’t look anywhere and ran to the nearest Aadhar enrollment center to ensure his sons get the insurance claim.

While the government taking serious steps to streamline the process is commendable but at the same time government must ensure the feasibility of the same, since many cities and villages are yet to be connected digitally and only after that government’s strict deadlines are justified.