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Man convinced that no one will notice his balding head if he grows a thick beard

17, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

It been almost 5 years since 26 year old IT employee Abhishek Sharma quit socializing to avoid unintentional glances from friends at his balding pate. Not to forget the unsolicited advice from friends and family to ‘do something’ about it. His woes finally came to an end after he realized that growing a thick beard actually took away all the unwanted attention from his receding hairline.


“It all started after I took up this godforsaken IT job. Thanks to the stressful working hours, I started losing hair like crazy. I didn’t mind it initially. But last month I went back to my parents home and they refused to recognize me till I flashed my Aadhaar card. I knew I had to do something,” Abhishek said while recounting his ordeal.

Having tested everything under the sun to hide his problem, Abhishek was pleasantly surprise to find out that the solution was so close at hand. “Whenever I used to have a face to face conversation with my friends, their attention used to unknowingly wander off to my head and I had to point out that ‘my eyes are here’. But my thick beard has taken care of my problem,” he added.

Abhishek claims to have found ‘ajeeb sa confidence‘ and it has completely changed his life, regarding which he said, “I used to rejections earlier, but now I have got so many marriage proposals that it’s crazy. I am even getting job offers from places where I didn’t even apply.”

The IT employees story has inspired many to try out growing a beard. “You can never go bald in the beard area. For me, beard is the new head,” said Gaurav Gupta, a college student who started losing hair the moment he made up his mind to pursue engineering.