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Man desperately looking for a tea shop in Goa crosses 50 liquor shops before finding one

06, Jan 2015 By idiot420

Goa. Harsh Sharma, a young IT professional and a tea addict who was on a road trip to Goa, had to cross fifty liquor shops before finding a tea shop.

The incident happened soon after Harsh entered Goa riding his bike yesterday around 10 am in the morning. He suddenly felt this need to freshen up with a cup of tea.

Enter at your own risk

“Although I was in Goa, I thought to start the day with cup of tea. But my causal wish turned out to be  fancy dream, which was certainly not easy to achieve. Or maybe it’s the Goan way of welcoming guests,” said Harsh, who had to cross around fifty liquor shops before finding a chaiwala.

“Yes, the option of drinking beer was always open, but I was trying to be normal self by having a tea as I would do in my engineering days,” Harsh explained the dilemma he was going through in his pursuit of tea.

With not a single tea shop in sight, coupled with cheap price of beer, was pushing Harsh towards beer, but he resisted the temptation.

“As if Goa was conspiring to send me immediately into party mode,” Harsh recounted the times, “It appears that such a scarcity of tea shops and so many liquor shops while entering Goa is an intentional setup to tell the tourists.”

But Harsh didn’t give up and he continued to look for what he wanted the most. At moments, he felt hopeless and in desperation he even knocked the door of a house and asked for a cup of tea. They offered him Feni saying they didn’t have milk. Harsh resisted the temptation yet again.

However, against all odds, Harsh finally managed to find a tea shop, for which he thanks his strong will power.

“It wasn’t easy at all to stop yourself for so long without getting attracted towards the countless numbers of liquor shops spread along both sides of the road,” Harsh told Faking News.

In his message to those who are planning a trip to Goa, Harsh says that they need to start preparing themselves at least a week ahead of the trip.

“Reduce tea consumption and increase liquor consumption. Prepare your body to face the situations which you are going to face, just like astronauts do before venturing into the outer space,” Harsh concluded.