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Man determined not to use water this Holi still walking around with Gulaal on his face

25, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Delhi: 30 yrs old Rajiv Gupta who had pledged that he will not use any water this Holi is still walking around with Gulaal all over his face more than 24 hrs after he stopped playing Holi. Rajiv is confused whether his pledge covers use of water to wash off gulaal or not and is seeking legal counsel to resolve the confusion.

Rajiv wondering what to do about all this colour on his face

Holi is the Hindu festival of colours celebrated on Phalgun Poornima every year. Along with colours, people use coloured water, water balloons and water guns to celebrate this festival. However, with the shortage of water around, many people have started supporting a waterless Holi.

“I was determined not to use any water this Holi so I avoided all water balloons, pichkaris, skipped bath as well yesterday and played Holi only with Gulaal. However, I hadn’t thought about this situation. If I use water to wash off gulaal, will it be using water on Holi or is it not included?” Rajiv wondered.

“All these social activists told us to celebrate Holi using gulaal but they never mentioned what to do once gulaal is all over your body and particularly in your hair. Now I will have to shampoo my hair multiple times and take a very long bath to remove all the gulaal. The amount of water it will take to wash off all this colour is same as the monthly consumption of water in my house in a normal month. So am I wasting water by playing a waterless Holi or not?” Rajiv continued to fire his questions towards our reporter.

When asked whether he has come up with any solution to resolve his conundrum, Rajiv said, “I have asked my lawyer to check whether my pledge of not using any water on Holi is restricted to the day of Holi or carries on to the next day. I am waiting for his feedback before taking a bath”

“If he says pledge is still binding, I will go and protest at Jantar Mantar over some random issue, police will use water cannons and I won’t feel guilty while this colour gets washed off”, Rajiv added.