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Man didn't take sick leave on 14th August; got nominated for employee of the year award

16, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: Ashish Kumar, a resident of Eastwood Township, has been nominated for the employee of the year award for the year 2017 by an IT company. He was nominated after he didn’t apply or avail sick leave on 14th, which was a Monday and a part of the long weekend that includes  Independence Day.

“Most of my reportees had applied for the casual leave on 14th, and those who didn’t apply availed sick leave. It was understood that no employee will come to the office on 14th since it’s one of the times when manager can’t reject leave application. Ashish didn’t apply for the leave and to everyone’s surprise he came to office on 14th,” Ashish’s manager, Mr. Sachin Ganguly told the Faking News reporter.

Man of the moment Ashish himself talked to Faking News and revealed the reason of not applying or availing leave on 14th August.

He said, “Just like everyone I too had a plan for the long weekend. My colleagues and I planned a Goa trip but nothing new happened, plan got canceled just a day before we were supposed to leave. I was very disappointed so wanted to keep myself busy, hence I went to office.”

Top management is extremely happy with Ashish’s decision and has decided to award him with 5% hike on his current CTC. 

HR has clarified and ensured that the hike wouldn’t get reflected in his take home salary, but it will certainly motivate him. 

Employees’ desperation to get leave from work clearly shows their lack of interest in work. If you are absolutely in love with your work would you need leave? It’s the generation of freelancers. High time people follow their interest and passion rather than a job where they keep looking for breaks