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Man disappointed with Sharma Ji’s son for getting less marks than his own son in class XII

23, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chandigarh: Class XII result of CBSE board has left 45 years old Anuj Sethi really disappointed. Sethi’s 17 yrs old son Vijay scored 96% marks outscoring neighbor Sharma Ji’s son by as much as 7%. After the results came in, Mr. Sethi has realized that he set too low a benchmark for his son all these years and is currently searching for a higher benchmark.

CBSE results
Students checking result to be sure that they have scored less than Sharma Ji’s son or not

“All his student life I kept telling him how Sharma Ji’s son is better and now I find out he isn’t, this is really disappointing. Sharma Ji’s son has let me down badly. What will I say to my son now? From now on, every time I mention to my son that Sharma Ji’s son is doing better, he will remind me of the time he outscored Sharma Ji’s son in Class XII”, Mr. Sethi said.

“Till now parenting was such an easy task. Just tell your son that he isn’t doing great and Sharma Ji’s son should be his inspiration but now I can’t say that. I will have to inspire my son through some other means. Nobody else in the neighborhood got more marks than him so maybe we should relocate to a locality where kids with 98, 99% live. Where does that Sukriti Gupta live?” Mr. Sethi asked.

When we asked Vijay how he finally managed to beat Sharma Ji’s son, he replied, “Throughout my life, I had to hear that he is doing better than me in everything so I was really determined to outscore him this time. If I got good marks, he used to get more. If I scored 50 while playing school cricket, I was told he scored 100. When I broke my arm, I was told Sharma Ji’s son broke one arm, one leg and two ribs. This was really starting to irritate me so I gave up everything to focus on XII board and outscored him.”

Meanwhile, Sharmas across the nation have asked Indian parents to avoid comparing their children to Sharma Ji’s son. “All the pressure on our children to be better than everyone else is now starting to affect their performances”, said Mr. Sharma, President of All India Sharma Association.